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We have the data recovery services for home and business.


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  • 2 Computers
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  • Unlimited Remote Support
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  • 5 Computers
  • Internet Security License
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Free 3 Hours Onsite


We delighted to provide computer repairs In San Antonio

Having issues with your home computers? 

We know how frustrating it is to have your computer break down on you. The average home or work PC has so many vital documents, photo and music collections – our whole digital life is stored on these machines! We also use PC for everyday services such as internet banking, online shopping and more its become a necessity in modern day living.

We understand your time is important and valuable, so we respond to your calls instantly and waste no time in repairing your computer after a quick yet thorough diagnosis of the problem.

We can get your computer up and running smoothly again

This is why we have developed a world-class technician dispatch and client management system so we can not only, respond more quickly than most other companies, but also offer quality follow up support and services once we have serviced you. We are here to help you to solve your computer problem quickly.

Whether it’s a simple virus or an intermittent hardware problem, our technicians have the appropriate skills and experience to address a wide range of computer issues.

With any of our smart computer service plan we can deliver

First of all, we deliver on fixing the issue that your PC or Mac is having. Our friendly and professional Experts have decades of combined experience and are sure to diagnose and fix exactly what’s wrong with your PC or MAC, guaranteed! But we won’t just fix your problem, we will show you how to prevent it from happening again.

Trusted by thousands of loyal customers who have used us for same day virus removal we can fix your PC, Mac, Desktop or laptop today.

We have the right internet security solution for your computer

A network is simply a word to describe two or more computers communicating and sharing all types of information with each other. We understand it’s all very complicated for you, but it’s all very simple for us! That’s why you’re in great hands when you choose us to provide you with the best internet security software, right here in San Antonio.

From network installations to software and hardware upgrades and repairs, we are always ready to cure any networking related problems – guaranteed!

“Great service. Easy to work with and a friendly manner.”

Adam B.

“Very prompt response times and the tech was most helpful in giving me options to rectify a slow and overloaded computer”

Mark T.

“I was impressed with the service provided. The technician was excellent solved my problem promptly”

Tina H.